Steam Now Lets You Stream Games From Anywhere

Steam Link Anywhere Announced by Valve for On-The-Go Game Streaming

Steam Link Anywhere Announced by Valve for On-The-Go Game Streaming

It supports the Steam Controller over Bluetooth, as well as other Bluetooth controllers, mice, and keyboards.

Valve has added a new feature called Steam Link Anywhere to its game streaming service, allowing on-the-go PC gaming.

Steam Link Anywhere was announced ahead of Valve's GDC 2019 talk. Anyone with home streaming set up from their PC and either a Steam Link box or app elsewhere can play their games on the go. You could only stream games on your local home network, which sort of defeated the goal of having it on your smartphone. Previously, you could only use Steam Link from home. Once that's done, those using Steam Link through Valve's own (discontinued) hardware, Android app, or Raspberry Pi app will be able to connect to a remote computer running Steam.

Unfortunately, there is still no word on Steam Link availability on iOS, so those who were waiting to enjoy this on an iPad or iPhone are out of luck for now.

The game worked well with touch controls and there are a few options for you to decide if a controller or controller/touchscreen combo works best as well. With Microsoft and Google, fidelity will always be limited by your internet speed-not to mention, any data caps your ISP's put in place.

Valve's Steam Link hardware might be dead, but Steam Link as a service is getting a pretty major upgrade.

On the other hand, Valve's approach introduces more latency as your PC first compresses the image, then uploads it, and then you download it however many miles away.

As its name suggests, Steam Link Anywhere will let gamers take the full PC gaming experience just about anywhere they like. That latter part's just physics.

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