College coaches, Hollywood actresses indicted in admissions bribery case



According to TMZ, "Full House" star Lori Loughlin and "Desperate Housewives" actress Felicity Huffman were also charged along with 48 others.

The government claims Huffman "made a purported charitable contribution of $15,000" in order to participate in the scam on behalf of her college-age daughter.

Actresses Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman were involved in the scheme, with Loughlin attempting to pay $500,000 to get her daughters into USC by pretending they were recruits for the crew team and Huffman paid $15,000 to help her daughter cheat on the Saturday.

What happened: Lori Loughlin was among dozens of parents, college coaches and college prep executives who are accused of carrying out a national conspiracy to help students get into prestigious colleges in the U.S., CNN reports.

The schools involved - Stanford, UCLA, Wake Forest, Yale, Georgetown, University of Texas, University of San Diego, USC - are not believed to have taken part in wrongdoing.

"Authorities say parents would pay him a predetermined amount, with full knowledge of what they were doing".

Court papers said a cooperating witness met with Huffman and her husband, actor William H. Macy, at their Los Angeles home and explained the scam to them.

In all, 50 people were charged in the criminal investigation that went by the name "Operation Varsity Blues".

The Justice Department on Tuesday said that 33 parents have been charged for using "bribery and other forms of fraud to facilitate their children's admission" into colleges, per The Washington Post.

Prosecutors allege that fake athletic profiles were also made to make students look like strong high school athletes when they actually weren't.

If you were an actress on an ABC sitcom that aired at some point in the 1990s, apparently the easiest way to get back in the news is to bribe college officials to let your undeserving kids get into school.

The FBI said parents were then told to invent an excuse so students could sit the entrance exams at facilities where staff had been bribed to turn a blind eye to cheating.

At least 13 people, including Huffman and Loughlin's husband Mossimo Giannulli, were arrested Tuesday morning and expected to make their first court appearance later in the day.

Bribes reportedly ranged from a few thousand dollars to up to $6 million.

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