Injured woman apologizes to Arizona zoo after jaguar attack

A screengrab from a witness' video after the woman was attacked

A screengrab from a witness' video after the woman was attacked

The zoo has temporarily removed the jaguar from exhibition.

A jaguar that attacked a woman at a USA zoo after she jumped a barrier to take a selfie with the animal will not be put down, officials said.

Shawn Gilleland, a spokesman for Rural Metro Fire who rushed to the scene of the incident, revealed how the guest, "wanted to take a selfie or a picture of the animal, and she put her arm close enough to the cage that the cat was able to reach her". Video shows a woman on the ground with deep gashes and blood, writhing in pain.

A woman who was grabbed by a jaguar while reportedly attempting to take a selfie at an Arizona zoo has apologized for the incident, according to local reports.

The zoo didn't immediately respond to a request for further comment.

A spokeswoman said the injured visitor had returned to the facility and said she felt bad about the publicity it was getting.

On Sunday, the zoo assured people that "nothing will happen to our jaguar". "She's a wild animal and there were proper barriers in place to keep our guests safe ... not a wild animal's fault when barriers are crossed".

"When my mom put the water bottle through the gate, the jaguar let go of the girl".

Meanwhile, witness Adam Wilkerson said, "The claws that were retracted were definitely outside of the cage and grasped around her hand, and she holding her other arm, with her arm attached to the paw just screaming, screaming, screaming, to get out", according to AzFamily.

Representatives of the zoo said the woman, who is in her 30s and whose name has not been released, was taken to a hospital with non-life-threatening injuries and that zoo officials are investigating the incident. "That happens occasionally. And we put substantial barriers there and if people cross them, they can get in trouble".

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