Nick Calls Priyanka ‘Beacon of Light’ on International Women’s Day

Sucker Music Video By Jonas Brothers Priyanka Chopra's Reaction to Hum Sath Sath Hain Memes is Hilarious

Sucker Music Video By Jonas Brothers Priyanka Chopra's Reaction to Hum Sath Sath Hain Memes is Hilarious

"Are you a better singer than your brothers?".

"All 18 of Nick's were incredible", he teased, ribbing Nick, who celebrated his marriage with not one, but two weddings past year. Well, the fans are so happy to see them together back again, and their new song is also ruling the hearts of the audience. News of Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas dating had just started doing the rounds in May 2018 past year, when in August the couple announced their engagement.

Stood on individual movable platforms, Nick, Kevin and Joe gave an electric performance of "Sucker" whilst being rolled around into different formations by the accompanying dancers.

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Along with the post, Nick shared a picture of Priyanka from one of their many wedding soirees. The test determined those were lies! The world needs boy bands, and we think you're the one to save the whole genre of boy bands and cute boys to break our hearts.

"No chaser?" Joe, 29, asked jokingly, while Kevin commented, "Oh my God, that stays with you!"

Later, after singing through some of their old hits (and some new ones), the siblings offered an explanation for their old purity rings. "I've just told Joe [Jonas]", Turner said. "What did I say I was gonna promise to do?'"

"They definitely do now. but at first it was all rough going".

"When it ended, it wasn't the best", Nick said. This was like one of our first interviews. As an actor, it is important to dissolve into a character, and maintain some sort of anonymity and it is hard if you are dating a Jonas brother. "That was what people ran with forever, that was the running joke". We're glad you found your way back to your brothers.

"Australia was actually a big piece of the puzzle because at that point, we had been filming a documentary for about two or three months and really just starting to unpack everything". We don't need to be wearing these anymore. "We can make fun of it ourselves'".

James then asked who was the first one to take his off - and Kevin revealed it was him!

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