Ariana Grande's Starbucks Collab Has Arrived: See The Drink

Starbucks Introduces Drink Inspired By Popstar Ariana Grande's Love For Clouds

Starbucks Introduces Drink Inspired By Popstar Ariana Grande's Love For Clouds

Starbucks is getting ready for spring with the launch of a new coffee drink, the Cloud Macchiato. Grande has said she is a vegan, so a few people got after her for that.

Ariana has been known to proudly share her love for all things clouds and solar space on her social media accounts with the use of emojis.

The drink, which is now available at all stores across the United States and Canada, is available in two flavors-caramel and cinnamon-and can be ordered iced or hot.

CNN reports that Starbucks is upping its cold drink offerings as customers angle for something with a tad less sugar than the classic ice-y coffee drink, which can pack upwards of 66 grams per Grande (16 oz) serving. On Friday, Starbucks will debut a playlist for International Women's Day, in addition to another playlist on Saturday featuring Grande's songs and some of her favorite music.

So the collaboration with Starbucks new drink featuring a cloud of foam only made sense between the franchise and pop singer.

The Cloud powder that is used to create this new macchiato is a very special recipe that includes egg whites, which help to give the foam its airy and cloud-like foam. The drink will have espresso, cold whipped foam, and a caramel drizzle. She also released a perfume in February called Cloud. In the photos she's having one of the iced beverages with shiny metal green straw with dogs around her.

Oh, and when it comes to Grande, Starbucks says the attraction is mutual - via a tweet, of course.

While some Starbucks specialty drinks serve as temporary alternatives, Cloud Macchiato will be a permanent fixture on their menu.

The powder is what puts the "cloud" in cloud macchiato, resulting in a rich and frothy texture.

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