Cohen hands over documents about Moscow project

Michael Cohen sues Trump Org alleging unpaid legal fees

Michael Cohen sues Trump Org alleging unpaid legal fees

"Chairman Nadler and his fellow Democrats have embarked on this fishing expedition because they are terrified that their two-year false narrative of "Russia collusion" is crumbling". Why must Nadler and his ilk instead abuse American citizens under false pretenses?

A freshman Democratic Member of Congress says she will file articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump by the end of the month, The Hill is reporting.

According to Politico's Darren Samuelson and Andrew Desiderio, a senior Committee lawyer said: "the document request was put together with sign-off from prosecutors in Mueller's office and the Southern District of NY".

During his marathon testimony last week before the House Oversight Committee, Cohen said that Trump attorney Jay Sekulow altered his 2017 testimony, and that the changes were reviewed by Javanka litigator Abbe Lowell.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler told ABC on Sunday that Gen Kelly could be included.

The new probes signal that now that Democrats hold a majority in the House, Trump's legal and political peril is nowhere near over, even as the special counsel's Russian Federation investigation winds down.

Trump has said Cohen "did bad things unrelated to Trump" and "is lying in order to reduce his prison time". No collusion. It's all a hoax.

The Moscow Trump Tower project is one of many under scrutiny as the Democrat-led panel investigates Russian interference in the 2016 election and whether Trump's campaign was involved, among other matters, including Trump's foreign financial dealings.

Democrats, who won the House in the November elections, are moving to use their oversight powers to look into the Republican president's activities, and a variety of committees are pledging to probe every nook and cranny.

It is so ironic now to think back to 2016 and remember Trump's admonishment on the campaign trail that if we elected Hillary Clinton she would be under constant criminal investigation to the detriment of the country.

Michael Cohen sues Trump Org alleging unpaid legal fees
President Trump's Economic Approval Highest Yet at 56%

CNN reported during Michael Cohen's House Intelligence testimony that the former Trump fixer provided documents showing Trump's lawyers edited congressional testimony in which Cohen admitted lying.

He warned them not to let "partisanship" in their own investigations "taint or overshadow" Mueller's investigation.

Letters to other key players include requests for information on the June 2016 meeting in Trump Tower attended by Kushner, Trump Jr, now-jailed former campaign manager Paul Manafort and a Russian lawyer reportedly close to the Kremlin, and documents surrounding the termination of Federal Bureau of Investigation director James Comey.

The letters to Hicks and Spicer ask them to turn over any work diaries, journals or "a description of daily events related to your employment" by Trump.

Michael Cohen has become key figure in those investigations after turning on his former boss and cooperating with special counsel Robert Mueller's probe.

The list of document requests also includes the National Rifle Association and Trump's embattled charitable foundation, which he is shutting down after agreeing to a court-supervised process.

Spicer did not say whether he had received his letter from the Judiciary Committee yet, but he said he had learned he was on the committee's list through news reports. "But this is a personal issue, and why would most people not go to the American public about this?"

The panel expects some people to produce right away, and others may eventually face subpoenas, according to a person familiar with the investigation. The committee is seeking records from 81 persons closely associated with Trump.

"We do not now have the evidence all sorted out and everything to do - to do an impeachment".

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