Google Assistant gets dedicated button on new phones, integrates with Messages app

More Phones Are Adding Google Assistant Buttons This Year

More Phones Are Adding Google Assistant Buttons This Year

Amidst the plethora of smartphone announcements coming from MWC 2019 show floor in Barcelona, Google has made a decision to give us an insight into how it plans to further the use of its powerful Google Assistant, foldable phone support, 5G connectivity, and more. If you haven't known, the Assistant was added to Google Maps in English earlier this year, with Google noting a 15x increase in voice commands to read received texts aloud and send new messages.

Google said in its blog post that it uses "on-device" artificial intelligence to offer up the suggestion chips and told Business Insider in a statement that the entire content of text conversations is never sent to Assistant.

This contextual popup can appear both when a user mentions something that triggers it and manually from the "Plus" icon on the Messages chat interface.

The roll out of RCS support continues, and Google says that it is working to bring it to more people. Engadget reports that Google is expecting over 100 million phones to ship with the new Assistant button, with phones from LG, Nokia, Xiaomi, TCL, and Vivo coming with the new button.

Google announced on Monday that Android Messages would be getting Google Assistant integration over the next few months.

Android phones aren't the only devices Assistant is expanding on. So during a conversation, you might see an AI-generated "suggestion chip" pop up that you can then click to share information with whoever you're chatting to. You could either tap on the card for more information or share it back into your conversation.

Google has now added in more languages, namely Korean, Hindi, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and Dutch, to this mix.

While the users have been trained for years to activate the digital assistant by voice, get in this year, several new Smartphones with an extra button for it.

"Similarly, if users have a Google Home, you can broadcast a message to the device by saying, "Hey Google, broadcast that I'm on my way home".

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