YouTube shuts down 400 channels amidst child exploitation controversy

What you need to know about the You Tube Parodies aimed at kids

What you need to know about the You Tube Parodies aimed at kids

"We have strict policies that govern what videos we allow ads to appear on, and videos that promote anti-vaccination content are a violation of those policies", a spokesperson for YouTube told Gizmodo in a statement by email. Find a better solution and stop pushing away your creators, YouTube.

A spokesman for the U.S. Telecom company AT&T said, "until Google can't protect our brand against objectionable content of any kind, we will remove any advertising from YouTube". Just a few days ago, Matt Watson demonstrated through a video how searching terms like "bikini haul" can lead to child-related videos that feature predatory messages in the comments. His video has been watched more than 2.5 million times. Perhaps even more alarming, once a user arrives at one such video, YouTube's algorithm seems to suggest only similarly "suggestive" content, usually featuring young girls. Earlier this afternoon, BuzzFeed News reported that the famous video sharing platform is removing ads from videos that promote anti-vaccination contents, citing a ban on "dangerous and harmful" material.

Nestlé told CNBC that all of its companies in the USA have paused advertising on YouTube, while a spokesperson for Epic, maker of the massively popular game Fortnite, said it has suspended all pre-roll advertising.

The latest allegations surfaced on Wednesday, when a YouTube vlogger claimed that paedophiles were latching onto innocuous videos of children and objectifying them in the comments section. "How easy it is now to wreck a YouTuber's career, just leave insults on their videos and THEY get punished for it!" noted rapper Dan Bull. In response, several companies including Nestle, Epic Games, and Disney, have reportedly suspended advertising on YouTube.

The platform has also reported comments to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and is taking further steps against child exploitation, including hiring more experts.

YouTube has faced brand safety controversies before.

She said that the company took "immediate action" by deleting over 400 YouTube channels because of comments that they'd left on videos.

This cycle of back-and-forth between advertisers and YouTube is likely to keep repeating on open platforms because of the volume of uploaded content on the platform. According to Wired, they're surfacing on YouTube's recommendation system.

Despite being criticized by the majority of the creators, some came out in the defense of YouTube.

Dr. Oetker asked YouTube "to explain how it could happen that advertising of our company was placed in an environment that we strictly reject and consider highly reprehensible ethically", the company said in a statement.

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