Tesla update to include Dog Mode

Tesla update to include Dog Mode

Tesla update to include Dog Mode

Most major auto manufacturers would initially confirm this kind of news via a press release, but with Tesla it pays to just keep an eye on Musk's Twitter feed.

What's more, the center screen fitted in the vehicle informs passersby that the air con is on and that the dog's owner will be back soon.

The new mode can be activated with a push of a button and activates the car's clime control mode, regulating the temperature to a safe degree no matter how hot it is outside the vehicle.

Here are Tesla's instructions on how to enable "dog mode", as per its release notes. This temperature regulation ensures that your dog won't overheat while you run inside to grab some groceries.

Tesla has also rolled out a new security feature called "sentry mode". When in Dog Mode, the center screen of the auto displays a message letting observers know that they won't be long and that their pet is safe. When switched on, the auto enters a standby mode, in which it continually monitors its nearby surroundings with external cameras.

For a more severe threat, like someone breaking a window, the mode activates the auto alarm, increases the brightness of the center display, plays loud music and alerts owners on their Tesla mobile app. If activity deemed risky is observed, the auto then switches to "alert mode".

Owners can enter the climate control context menu on their cars and choose "Dog" to enable the feature.

If a minor threat is detected - such as someone leaning on the vehicle - the system will switch to an "alert" mode, displaying a message on the touchscreen that warns the person they are being recorded.

Owners are notified through the Tesla mobile app, and a video recording can be obtained if a formatted USB drive is plugged in before sentry mode is activated.

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