Fortnite Account Merging is here and We Know How it Works

New World MMO 4 via Amazon 2019

New World MMO 4 via Amazon 2019

Another caveat is that both accounts must have been used before 28 September 2018 to be eligible - one used to play on a Switch, and another on a PS4.

Players are now able to merge their accounts in Fortnite.

You just select the account that you want as the primary and then merge it with your other account. This means there are players that wish to merge their accounts so they can use their V-Bucks or cosmetics on any account, but this feature was not previously available.

The process can be started by visiting the Account Merge page and going through the steps.

Your account must not now be banned or disabled.

The account merging will not only affect the battle royale version of the game, as Save The World will also be affected when accounts see a merge by a player. You'll have to decide which of your accounts you are looking to keep; this is your Primary Account. Just know the secondary account will have all its items and Vbucks moved to the primary and then it will be deleted forever. Be aware that you'll need access to the email addresses used for both accounts - and obviously the login credentials, too. One primary account must be selected and one secondary account must be selected.

Your accounts can't be banned or disabled.

Remember the PS4 Fortnite account curse?

Using the "Fortnite" account merge tool, players can migrate cosmetic items and other unlockables onto a single profile.

For those looking to take advantage of the merge process, the transferable items differ depending on game mode. As Eurogamer reports, Fortnite's creator Epic promised to fix the problem by launching an account merge tool. After that, Epic Games will transfer all of what you have in that account to the main account you selected.

Precisely after this, you can easily preview the merged stuff into your primary account, and it will also show warning what isn't yet recovered like Creative island and more.

If you switched platforms to play with friends or simply found you preferred one over another, you may have had to leave some money and progress behind.

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