What Nickname Does Prince Charles Have For Meghan Markle?

The duchess left handwritten messages on fruit in the food packages

The duchess left handwritten messages on fruit in the food packages

However, during the interview Meghan took the opportunity to discuss her fans, and mentioned Emily.

While the name may seem unusual The Daily Mail noted that it's actually a compliment as he gave her it to her to match the strength and determination she displays. The mom-to-be has officially hired a birth partner, known as a doula, to help her give birth to the bundle of joy this spring, according to US Weekly.

We also already know that Harry's nickname for Meghan is "Meg" and that she calls Harry "my love," so the major takeaway from all of this is that Meghan will likely have an equally adorably nickname for her royal baby-can't wait to hear what it is!

This is not the first time Morgan has criticised Markle.

The pregnant Duchess of Sussex put a personal touch to her Bristol visit last week, writing messages on bananas which were later donated to sex workers as part of a meal package.

He further adds that this is a piece of prime evidence that indicates how Kate and Meghan do not share a healthy relationship.

Although no exact date has been confirmed, Meghan is set to give birth sometime around late April.

"Harry's being his usual incredible self around Meghan". The trouble is there are often thousands of comments'.

Staying in touch after she landed her role as Rachel Zane in legal drama Suits, the pair reunited at the Super Bowl in 2014 to compete in DIRECTV's Celebrity Beach Bowl.

Reflecting on Prince Harry and his wife's visit to Bristol charityOne25 - that helps sex workers with services such as a food, first aid and warm clothing - the 53-year-old described Meghan's reported idea on how to offer support as "almost beyond parody".

In December Williams opened up to People at the launch for her Serena clothing line launch in Miami, where she revealed that the Duchess is still the same despite being royalty now.

"And that "'You know, this seems to be moving quickly.

The moment is seriously sweet, and royal fans can't get enough of this rare insight into Meghan's pregnancy.

"She is an actress", he said.

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