'Millions' attend live concert in video game Fortnite

Fortnite showtime poster location

Fortnite showtime poster location

Footage posted online by hundreds of players shows their in-game avatars dancing and flying in front of a virtual stage at the event on Saturday night.

The event looks like it'll be held as a limited time match called Party at Pleasant Park, in which players will be able to respawn so they can duke it out during the show. Below, we'll tell you what time the concert starts and how you can prepare for the moment Marshmello takes the stage.

The Fortnite Marshmello concert event was intially leaked in the v7.30 files with data-miners finding the Marshmello cosmetics before finding the "Festivus" event in the files.

If you missed it, don't worry, we suspect there are quite a few people who streamed the event and are uploading to YouTube as we speak.

The first challenge kicked off earlier this week and required players to "Search a Showtime Poster".

There will be a Marshmello-themed skin for sale.

Until the others unlock, that leaves you to merely track down a showtime poster.

In addition to the special Showtime Challenge rewards, players can purchase the Marshmello outfit (1500 V-Bucks), Mello Rider Glider (500 V-Bucks) and Marsh Walk Emote (500 V-Bucks) from the in-game item shop.

Did you attend the Marshmello concert? Not only that, but the Fortnite Marshmello show is a great milestone for how far this weird little spinoff has come since it exploded onto the scene a couple years ago.

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