Microsoft wants to bring Xbox Live to Switch, Android, iOS

Xbox Live on your iPhone?                  Microsoft

Xbox Live on your iPhone? Microsoft

Xbox Live players are highly engaged and active on Xbox and PC, but now they can take their gaming achievement history, their friends list, their clubs, and more with them to nearly every screen. This will include bringing Xbox Live to other platforms, including iOS, Android and the Nintendo Switch. While I have no doubt that we'll see some monumental mobile games released in the future with the Xbox Live feature baked right in, are indie devs actually going to bother with the SDK when Play Games Services and Facebook already provide similar options? Microsoft is set to announce an SDK for developers that will allow them to connect Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox players and allow for cross-platform gaming. Leading the charge alongside developers are the likes of Microsoft, who may be on the verge of taking Xbox Live to the next level of social gathering.

The news underscores Microsoft's focus on bringing its services to multiple platforms. When you install a new Assassin's Creed or Madden game, you also run into requests to sign up for the related services.

This seems to be hinting at the fact that you'll be able to play cross-platform titles designed for mobile play and the Switch and earn Xbox achievements while playing them on another platform.

The subject of cross play actually to a head recently with Fortnite, during which we saw Microsoft and Sony sniping at one another over the latter's reticence to allow cross play on its PS4 consoles.

"Game services engineers looking to save time & expand their customer base by letting Microsoft managed game services handle social, communication, and multiplayer interactions across billions of screens", the event description said regarding the target audience for the event.

The lecture is meant to introduce developers to the software, and sell them on why they should include it in their games.

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