Kremlin Had No Contacts Regarding Construction of Trump Tower in Moscow - Peskov

Rudy Giuliani President Donald Trump's personal lawyer at an event in Washington

Rudy Giuliani President Donald Trump's personal lawyer at an event in Washington

Giuliani said in an interview with The New York Times that Trump "recalls a series of conversations" with his former lawyer and fixer, Michael Cohen, about the project during the campaign.

For Trump, Giuliani plays the role more of spokesman than attorney, unleashing public attacks on investigators while throwing out wild accusations created to muddle the narrative of the probe. Giuliani on Monday insisted that he had never said Trump was involved in negotiations until the "day" he won the 2016 presidential election, as reported by the Times, and claimed the newspaper was "absolutely wrong".

President Donald Trump's lawyer Rudy Giuliani is using flawed arguments to defend the president, because a quid-pro-quo arrangement with Russian Federation could be characterized as a bribe if it took place after Trump took office, former federal prosecutor Mimi Rocah argued Monday. Giuliani had then indicated in an interview with ABC News last month that the talks had lasted possibly until Election Day, although he was less specific than he was Sunday. "The Americans and the U.S. president himself know this better", Peskov told reporters, asked whether the Kremlin had contacts with Trump's team about the Trump Tower project in Moscow.

Trump officials had initially described the project as the province of Cohen and simply in the discussion phase.

Russian Federation has repeatedly denied interfering in the election, saying the allegations were made up to excuse the defeat of Trump's campaign opponent as well as deflect public attention from actual instances of electoral fraud and corruption.

According to Buzzfeed, Mueller first discovered that Trump told Cohen to lie to Congress via evidence from internal company emails, text messages, and witnesses from the Trump Organization.

"I shouldn't have said tapes", Giuliani insisted.

"Probably up to, could be up to as far as October, November", he said.

Giuliani's timeline extends beyond what Cohen acknowledged in pleading guilty to lying to Congress about the deal: In that timeline, discussions about the tower continued through June 2016.

"I just told you he didn't do it". "But the president's recollection of them is that the thing had petered out quite a bit".

"It doesn't make a lot of tactical sense, Lawrence, but, you know, I think what Giuliani is, perhaps, trying to do is what we call draw the sting", Kirshner said. "What I was talking about was, if he had those conversations, they would not be criminal".

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