Deal or no deal? UK Parliament nears historic vote on Brexit

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Media playback is unsupported on your device Media caption'We're all on the outside looking into the bubble

Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May in the Commons as MPs debate a motion of no confidence.

"This is indeed a zombie government", Corbyn said as the House of Commons debated his motion on Wednesday afternoon.

Opposition Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has said May must call an election if she loses on Tuesday and has threatened to hold a confidence vote in her government if she does not.

EU Vice President Frans Timmermans had one clear piece of advice for British legislators: listen to your own musical heroes, and he started quoting from the Rolling Stones: "You can not always get what you want". "As there will be no financial settlement, the government will have £39 billion available to invest in the economy and we can immediately work on agreeing new trade deals with the rest of the world", she said.

But May's win keeps her and the Conservatives in power.

Despite the reprieve, May faces a monumental struggle to find a way out of her country's Brexit impasse. May promised the government would approach those talks in a "constructive" manner.

Varadkar said if May's government is willing to shift some of its stated "red lines" in negotiations - such as exiting a customs union and leaving the single EU market - then the position of EU negotiators would also change.

The site covers the possibility of a no-deal Brexit - an exit without an agreement on the future relationship between Britain and the European Union - which would represent "a disaster for everyone" according to a statement made on Monday by Foreign Minister Josep Borrell. But he'll come under pressure from many in his party to do so after Labour members voted at their conference a year ago that it should be an option.

But if they do, then May - or another leader - has 14 days to try again to win a confidence vote.

At least 70 of her Conservative Party, as well as sometime allies in the Democratic Unionist Party, are publicly pledged to join opposition Members of Parliament in voting against her agreement Tuesday.

"The risk of a disorderly withdrawal of the United Kingdom has increased with this evening's vote", he added.

As the BBC reports, under normal circumstances "such a crushing defeat on a key piece of government legislation would be expected to be followed by a prime ministerial resignation".

September 20, 2018 - At a meeting of European leaders in Salzburg, the PM was delivered a blow as they rejected her proposals out of hand, and EU Council boss Donald Tusk mocked her on Instagram. "Consequently, the government will continue to intensify preparations for such an outcome", Ireland government said in a statement.

European Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker urged London to "clarify its intentions as soon as possible", while EU negotiator Michel Barnier said he "regretted profoundly the vote". "We want to leave with a deal, but she is determined to deliver on the verdict of the British public, and that is to leave the European Union on March 29 this year", UK PM's spokesman was quoted as saying by Reuters.

"Time is nearly up", European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker.

Tuesday's vote in the UK's House of Commons was supposed to finally provide some clarity on Brexit.

"Time is nearly up", he said.

It comes after some opponents criticised her for not budging from the deal that had alienated all sides in Parliament.

May's defeat seemed inevitable.

Mrs May told MPs it was Parliament that made a decision to put the question of European Union membership to the people, "and now Parliament must finish the job".

May suffered the biggest government defeat in modern British history on Tuesday night when the House of Commons rejected by 432 votes to 202 the withdrawal agreement she struck with Brussels late a year ago.

An EU commission spokesman reiterated on Wednesday that the withdrawal agreement is not open for renegotiation.

It is the default option if the British parliament votes against the deal and there are no other solutions before March 29.

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