Sen. Lindsey Graham says he sees no "pathway forward" in shutdown dispute

Trump gets testy with reporter over shutdown

Trump gets testy with reporter over shutdown

In the meantime, hundreds of thousands of federal workers are set to miss paychecks Friday. Those markers - along with growing effects to national parks, food inspections and the economy overall - left some Republicans on Capitol Hill increasingly uncomfortable with Trump's demands.

An estimated 800,000 federal workers have been impacted by the shutdown, either by having to work without pay while it lasts or by being furloughed. The president is expected to sign the legislation.

The White House has directed the Army Corps of Engineers to comb through its budget, including $13.9 billion in emergency funds that Congress earmarked a year ago, to see what money could be diverted to the wall as part of a declaration.

Mr. Trump wants $5.7 billion to build the wall, which during the 2016 campaign he repeatedly promised to build once in office. On the flip side, Cavuto also thinks Democrats are being disingenuous, sounding less concerned about border dangers than they did just a few months ago. The funding was allocated to the Army Corps of Engineers back in a February 2018 but never spent. The official spoke on the condition of anonymity because the official was not authorized to speak publicly.

Rep. Mark Meadows, R-N.C., a lawmaker with a close relationship with the president, discounted that option, saying it was not "under very serious consideration".

Gov. Ricardo Rossello said the wall should not be funded "on the pain and suffering" of US citizens who have faced tragedy after a natural disaster.

It was not clear what a compromise might entail, and there were no indications that one was in the offing. Efforts at negotiating a broader immigration deal involving immigrants brought to the country illegally as children collapsed with little progress.

President Trump and congressional Republicans say they won't support any bill to fund and reopen the government that doesn't include money for a wall along the southern border.

Pelosi has not said how House Democrats would respond to Trump declaring a national emergency, but she predicted a bipartisan rejection of an attempt by the White House to skirt Congress's power.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer forcefully rebutted the President in a speech of their own Tuesday where Pelosi accused Trump of "holding the American people hostage" to his demands.

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