Turkey seeking Iran, Russia coordination on US' Syria exit

Morass in the Middle East: Top Diplomats Dispatched to Defend US Policy

Morass in the Middle East: Top Diplomats Dispatched to Defend US Policy

He said this was particularly so in the case of Iran.

On Wednesday, Joint Staff officials said reports of Gen. Dunford's comments regarding the observation posts were false. They're also America's primary partners on the ground in Syria: The Pentagon has been supplying the YPG with weaponry, air support and training to battle IS since 2015, and the militias have suffered thousands of casualties fighting for the US -led coalition.

Any rollback of Trump's message of a precipitous withdrawal from Syria will be well-received if believed by Jordan's astute leader, King Abdullah II, for whom Islamic State, the Syrian civil war and especially the 666,000 Syrian refugees who have poured across his border pose an existential threat to his country. They also discussed the importance of continued U.S. He did not give details, such as a timetable, leaving bewildered US partners in the region jockeying for influence over terms of a withdrawal.

Pompeo declined to call out human rights abuses happening Egypt, including the reported detention and torture of American-Egyptian Khaled Hassan who has been missing since last January - allegations Cairo denies. They have also paved the way for the formation of a constitutional committee.

Over the past years, as part of the global coalition to defeat IS, the U.S. has provided military support to Iraqi forces through air strikes and Special Forces.

Ankara has long criticized the USA for working with the terrorist PYD/YPG to fight Daesh in Syria, saying that using one terror group to fight another makes no sense.

There was also pressure coming from the Pentagon, the diplomats said, as well as scepticism from some of Washington's closest Middle East allies, especially after a late December statement in which Trump said that the situation in Syria would now be handled by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

National security adviser John Bolton, speaking in Israel on Sunday, said the administration would delay the withdrawal until Turkey assures the safety of Kurdish fighters and ISIS is defeated.

The U.S. and Turkey are allies in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

Many Kurds are concerned that a U.S. pullout will make them vulnerable to assaults from Turkey and the remaining members of ISIS still in the region.

CAIRO, Jan 10 (Reuters) - US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said he would attack Syria if needed in Cairo on Thursday night.

A Turkish official has said that his country will launch an attack against Kurdish forces in Syria whether or not USA forces pull out first.

Mr Erdoğan - who considers the Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG) terrorists - said Turkey would "not make concessions" and preparations for an offensive were almost complete.

Bolton has changed the terms of this decision dramatically since Trump announced it three weeks ago.

Mike Pompeo, US Secretary of State, has blamed former president Barack Obama's "misjudged" foreign policy for the last decade of chaos in the Middle East, in a thumping speech delivered in Cairo.

"This morning, HTS and the NLF signed an agreement to put an end to ongoing fighting. and establish the control of the salvation government in all areas", Ebaa said. Trump initially said it would be immediate, which alarmed his advisors and drove Secretary of Defense James N. Mattis to resign.

Meanwhile, according to the same Egyptian source, some Arab capitals are set to share their concerns with Pompeo over Trump's decision to withdraw USA troops from Syria that seemed to be giving a green light to Ankara. Relations between the two North Atlantic Treaty Organisation allies have been rocked by turbulence in the past few years over Syria policy, US sanctions on Iran, trade tariffs, Erdogan's warming relationship with Moscow, and the Turkish detention of an American pastor, who was released in October.

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