The Fantastic Four Arrive In ‘Marvel Future Fight’

Marvel Future Fight- Fantastic Four Update

Marvel Future Fight- Fantastic Four Update

"Everyone at Marvel is so excited to see the Fantastic Four, who many consider kicked off the "Marvel Age of Comics" with their debut, added to Marvel Future Fight", said Marvel Games executive creative director Bill Rosemann.

It's a vague claim, but we'll take it. Marvel Games have used the parent company's Fantastic Four Week to tease something Fantastic Four related on the way for Insomniac's Spider-Man.

Spider-Man has always been a close ally of the Fantastic Four, since they're both based in NY, so the addition isn't the stretch it might seem.

Marvel's Spider-Man is available now on PS4. "While they may have awesome powers and go on incredible journeys into the unknown, at their heart the Fantastic Four are a family who may argue and bicker from time to time, but who ultimately stand with each other to protect the world against the universe's greatest sci-fi threats". The most obvious thing would be another new costume - Spider-Man briefly joined the "Fantastic Foundation" version of the Fantastic Four, during which he wore a pretty stylish white-and-black costume. He believes the most likely suit candidates are the infamous Bombastic Bagman suit, which Joshua or the black-and-white Future Foundation suit. Our best guess is that a new Spidey suit will be added to the game in an update in the next few days. Outside of the three paid DLC packs, which each included three new DLC suits, Insomniac also debuted a suit based on Sam Raimi's Spider-Man for free.

It could be something more substantial, but we can't see it being more than one or two new outfits for the web-slinger.

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