Samsung unveils new Family Hub fridge at CES

Image Source Mobile Fun

Image Source Mobile Fun

Samsung has always been one of Apple's biggest rivals in the smartphone industry, with its Galaxy devices posing the most significant threat to the iPhone.

Flourished with style, aesthetically pleasing, and full of spectacular announcements that each competed for the spotlight, Samsung's CES 2019 conference was one of the best. A second reason to unveil the phone before MWC 2019, where the Galaxy S10 versions will be on display nonetheless, is to give the Galaxy S10 a head start of about a week over competitors that will unveil new devices in Barcelona.

Previous year at Samsung's developer conference, the company showed off their folding phone prototype, but did not say exactly when the phone will be going on sale.

Meanwhile, the schedule for the release of Samsung's first foldable smartphone hasn't been confirmed, a high-ranking Samsung official said.

The reports did not offer preorder or launch dates for the Galaxy S10. After letting slip about the Note 9 before it launched, he has now also revealed some details about Samsung's highly anticipated foldable phone - which is on track for being a world-first.

For the Home, Samsung said it has made its Family Hub 2019 more intuitive and intelligent, with a redesigned screen experience.

"2019 is Samsung Electronics 50th anniversary and, for the last five decades, we've been committed to bringing meaningful innovations to consumers everywhere", says HS Kim, president and CEO of the consumer electronics division of Samsung Electronics. Just 1 million Galaxy foldable phones will be released into markets starting in Korea and then in the US, China and Europe. Tthe current S9 is 5.8 inches, though, with the smaller bezels on the upcoming models, Samsung will be able to accommodate a larger screen in a similarly-sized chassis.

Samsung Space Monitor leverages its sleek design and functionality to allow users to focus on what's on the screen and not what's around it.

Many things about the foldable phone are still unknown, including pricing, specs, and even its final look.

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