Fiji Water Lady: Marketing genius or one hit wonder?

FIJI Water At The 76th Annual Golden Globe Awards

FIJI Water At The 76th Annual Golden Globe Awards

Either way, "Fiji Water Girl" undoubtedly stole the conversation at this year's Golden Globe Awards and whether we agree with it or not, the press plot is sure to boost her modelling career.

"Wow, oh wow, I wasn't really expecting this at all", says Cuthbert in her "acceptance" speech in which she describes herself as "a normal girl" who was miraculously discovered on the night of nights.

Some netizens urged Fiji Water to make the model its new spokesperson, while others suggested the company seize the opportunity to create an ad campaign around this incident.

The Canadian-born model was hailed as the first meme of the awards season for her gutsy self-promotion, trending on social media as viewers applauded her ambition.

Apex Marketing Group president Eric Smallwood told Yahoo that Fiji Water saved nearly $18 million in advertising from yesterday's exposure. She also said "looking at the camera at the right time" played a huge part in her viral photobombs.

"Well, you have creep up quietly, because if they know that you're there, it just ruins the whole moment".

Kelleth Cuthbert, aka the Fiji Water Girl, is actually a model originally from Toronto.

"Since this went viral it took the [brand] exposure to a new level not seen in prior Golden Globes", Apex Marketing Group President Eric Smallwood told Yahoo Finance.

A woman carrying a tray of Fiji Water has stolen the limelight at the Golden Globes this year.

Kelleth Cuthbert was easily one of the most talked about "celebrities" of the evening - and she had no idea she had gained any sort of attention.

People watching the pre-awards coverage exploded on Twitter at her knowing looks and what looked like expert photobombing.

Kelleth noted that she didn't mean to photobomb everyone, explaining, "Sometimes you're caught between a lot of cameras, so there's a lot of photographers at different angles".

"I didn't realize it 'til several hours after it happened when people started coming up to me showing me their phones", she shared. According to Us Weekly, she specialized in "mental health and addiction counseling".

Cuthbert, married to photographer Christopher von Steinbach, left Toronto for Los Angeles about four years ago, according to the Verve, and has gone on to do global work. Since becoming a viral sensation, she has gained over 100,000 followers on her Instagram.

Yikes, we didn't see this one coming!

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