[CES 2019] 'Samsung Smart TVs will ultimately have built-in Google Assistant, Alexa'

Amazon has sold more than 100 million Alexa devices

Amazon has sold more than 100 million Alexa devices

While greater functionality may make Google Assistant more appealing to new users, what will really bolster its adoption in 2019 is its rapid expansion to more devices.

Ahead of CES' official opening on Tuesday, Google also announced that there are now nearly a billion devices running the Google Assistant.

"By hopping aboard the ride, attendees experience how the Assistant can be helpful in the face of life's twists and turns", a Google spokesman said. Therefore, Google's virtual assistant may reach up to 10 times as many users as Amazon's.

Google Assistant Connect will allow Google to put its Assistant on the next generation of smart home devices. If you make the mistake of buying a Wear OS device, you can get the Assistant on your watch, and it's even available on some Nest cameras.

It is also probable that Amazon has sold more smart home devices than Google. Soon we'll all be able to harness Google's full Assistant and all its enhanced functionality - from asking to play music, read/reply to messages, sharing Maps' ETA, and even add new stops on your way. These devices are made by more than 4,500 manufacturers, and apparently Alexa has access to more than 70,000 skills. It's inevitable that at least a few of the people who receive or purchase such a device will grow attached to Assistant, and use it on a regular basis.

During media day yesterday, a number of new TVs were announced, and many have the Google Assistant built-in now.

Google Assistant is expected to be on 1 billion devices by the end of January.

Although Google Assistant will soon be available on ten times as many devices, Amazon Alexa is supported by almost three times as many smart home products. Faltering sales in China and questions about future iPhone shipments have bludgeoned Apple stock, sending it down about 6% to start the year.

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