This may be Xiaomi's answer to Samsung and Huawei's upcoming foldable smartphones

Screenshot by Sean Buckley  CNET

Screenshot by Sean Buckley CNET

The UI on the device keeps adapting when it is folded and switches automatically from tablet UI to phone UI after folding and the bottom bar gets narrower.

The unknown user opens Google Maps, zooms in and out, folds the device backward with the application still running and apparently usable, before swiping up to close the app via a gesture command. In contrast to Samsung Xiaomi's device in the video flexes one third outwards down to size compared to a smartphone.

Rather than fold inwards like Samsung's design, with an extra display eliminated once the device is in phone mode, the Xiaomi seems to follow Royole's method of folding outwards as the FlexPaidoes. Even though the clip is taken in the dark, we can clearly see the curvaceous bright screen and how seamlessly the three-panel screen bends to the sides is a delightful treat to the eyes. What are your views on this triple fold device? And we don't think that someone has gone to the length of creating a deepfake video of Xiaomi's foldable screen phone.

Well, looks like it's going to be a tough competition. Overall, if the foldable phone is indeed from Xiaomi this can be a game changer for the company. The company also plans to focus on the high-end and retail market under the Xiaomi/Mi brand. Plus, the sliding Mi Mix 3 design is an experimental one in trying to satisfy the public's desire for completely full-screen displays. Contrastingly, Xiaomi the Poco F1 has a dual rear camera setup at the centre of the upper half of the back panel. Back in July 2018, ET News reported that Xiaomi was developing an "outfolding" phone with a planned release date of 2019. What is clear is that the device runs Android and that the language is set to Chinese. Well, we say "regularly-sized" - it may be like holding a brick, we just can't say for sure from this poorly-lit, single-angle video.

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