Netflix issues warning over Bird Box Challenge because good God!

Netflix Don’t participate in the ‘Bird Box Challenge

Netflix Don’t participate in the ‘Bird Box Challenge

Netflix is begging its fans of the new psychological thriller Bird Box to refrain from participating in the viral #BirdBoxChallenge for their safety.

Netflix tweeted Wednesday, "Can't believe I have to say this, but: PLEASE DO NOT HURT YOURSELVES WITH THIS BIRD BOX CHALLENGE". The success of Bird Box has also led to the #BirdBoxChallenge, in which people "blindfold themselves to test their abilities to complete mundane tasks successfully such as riding a scooter, climbing an escalator, and ordering drive-thru", according to The Hollywood Reporter. Netflix's hit movie Bird Box, which does for sight what A Quiet Place did for sound earlier in 2018, has been inspiring its many fans to do some blindfolded cosplay in honor of the characters who must live without seeing if they want to live at all.

Netflix officials have discouraged people from engaging in risky behavior.

In "Bird Box", Bullock plays a single mom trying to save her kid's lives after mysterious forces invade Earth and causes people to kill themselves.

Netflix is anxious about people doing the "Bird Box Challenge" in honor of the popular horror movie it recently debuted.

One video shows a father gripping his two young children's hands as he runs through his home before the toddler crashes into a wall.

Facepalm: Despite its relatively lackluster reviews, the Netflix original movie Bird Box shattered records with more than 45 million viewers in its first week.

The movie bowed December 21 worldwide on Netflix and spawned a slew of other internet memes, mostly revolving around the blindfold conceit.

The title refers to a literal box of birds that her character carries - the birds begin to chirp when the unseen evil approaches.

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