Trump ready to make a deal to end shutdown?

Pelosi hits Hawaii resort while Trump visits Iraq

Pelosi hits Hawaii resort while Trump visits Iraq

They intend to go straight for putting forward their own legislation to fund the government, without Trump's requested funds for a wall, when they take over the House of Representatives in the new session of the US Congress beginning on Thursday.

House Democrats plan to pass the bills as soon as the new Congress convenes on Thursday, one of the first acts after Democrats took control, according to an aide who was not authorised to discuss the plan and spoke on condition of anonymity.

With his family in Florida and few staffers at the White House, Mr Trump spent the day on Twitter attacking Democrats, justifying his planned withdrawal of troops from Syria, and defending his border wall, which is at the crux of the government shut down.

"The president is using the government shutdown to try to force an expensive and ineffective wall upon the American people, but Democrats have offered two bills, which separate the arguments over the wall from the government shutdown", House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) said in a joint statement.

Whether the Republican-led Senate, under Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, would consider the bills - or if Trump would sign either into law - was unclear. "It's simple: The Senate is not going to send something to the president that he won't sign", he said.

In one of the tweets on Monday, Trump reminded Democrats they have voted in favor of a border barrier twice before. "They can come over right now, they could have come over at any time. I'm here. I'm ready to go". No, we are not giving up. The point of contention is $5.7 billion that Trump wants for the partial funding of the construction of the wall between United States and Mexico.

Democrats maintain that they have already presented the White House with three options to end the shutdown, none of which funds the wall, and insist that it's Trump's move. Many federal contractors are without work as well.

The shutdown is forcing hundreds of thousands of federal workers and contractors to stay home or work without pay. The plan includes packaging six bipartisan full Senate appropriations bills together and then separately moving a stopgap measure to fund the Department of Homeland Security until February 8 - the bill at the core of the border wall fight.

Trump vowed that Mexico would pay for the border wall as he campaigned for the presidency in 2016. And last week, he blamed House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi for the impasse that led to the shutdown.

McKinley said border security should be a mixture of approaches, including drones, steel slats, concrete walls and Border Patrol agents.

But Graham said there would never be a government spending deal that did not include money for a wall or other physical barriers on the southern border.

With Democrats hammering the Trump administration over the deaths of two migrant children while in US custody, the president sought to reframe his wall as a moral imperative. The government will remain shut down until a compromise can be worked out among the two parties. "And the most mysterious, unexplainable part in all of this, is why the president decided that he'd rather deal with House Democrats than House Republicans in order to avert, or get his way out of a government shutdown".

The meeting, described as a "briefing" on "border security", would take place Wednesday, a day before Democrats are set to take over the House, the sources tell NPR's Scott Detrow. He also said the compromise should include changes in federal law to discourage people from trying to enter the USA illegally.

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