Where is Santa now? Follow NORAD’s Santa Tracker 2018

1,500 civilian and military volunteers answer 160 phones

1,500 civilian and military volunteers answer 160 phones

Public employees are preparing to tell the world about the whereabouts of a mysterious entity called Santa which allegedly possesses the ability to deliver Christmas prezzies to every single child on Earth. That year, a Sears store in Colorado Springs ran an ad in a local newspaper that included a phone number kids could dial to talk to Santa.

This all began after Col. Harry Shoup received a phone call in 1955 from a child who wanted to speak to Santa Claus. Children from around the world call to ask when Santa Claus will get to their house.

That's tracking Santa Claus when he enters Canadian Airspace on Christmas Eve.

The Weather Authority tracks Santa on Christmas Eve with the help of satellites, and military sensors and technology from North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD).

I must admit I'm devastated that the Santa phone call novelty has been out of the lineup since 2016.

The military actually isn't affected by the shutdown because the Defense Department is fully funded through next September as is the case for three quarters of the agencies. Google Home's Santa Tracker Meanwhile, if the kids are not interested in talking with the jolly old man but on when the gifts will arrive, Google Home can help them know where he is with the Santa Tracker.

Shoup figured out what had happened and played along.

Last year NORAD Tracks Santa received 126,000 calls
Image Last year NORAD Tracks Santa received 126,000 calls

Today, NORAD's commander, Air Force Gen. Terrence O'Shaughnessy will participate in answering phones.

The North American Aerospace Defense Command - a joint U.S.

"All Post Offices will remain open for business".

It is the 15th year Google has launched its Santa tracker and alongside the traditional tracker, the tech giant has a range of holiday activities for the children.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Postal Service will not be impacted by the shutdown, it announced.

The shutdown means 800,000 federal employees will not be paid from Saturday and many government operations will be disrupted.

Santa fans can go to the NORAD Tracks Santa website as well as follow updates on its Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube accounts.

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