PH improved to 8th place as most gender equal country - WEF

The Women's Strike Since 1975 Icelandic women have regularly gone on strike to protest the gender pay gap

The Women's Strike Since 1975 Icelandic women have regularly gone on strike to protest the gender pay gap

To date, only four out of 18 countries in the region have fully closed their Education Attainment gender gap, but more than half of the countries in the region have closed the gender gap for professional and technical workers, indicating a "relatively successful integration of tertiary educated, higher-skilled women into the labour force".

Zahidi said participation of men in the workforce has increased more than women. This serious gender imbalance at birth puts it at the bottom of the WEF's rankings in terms of women's health and survival.

The Davos, Switzerland-based organization comes to the sobering conclusion that despite recent progress in providing equal opportunities for both sexes, it would take another 108 years for the gender gap to close on a global scale.

Compounding the gender gap in AI, particularly in wages, are where women are more prevalent - women in AI are only more represented in lower paying industries such as non-profits, education, and healthcare. It is also one of the countries that has seen growth in the number of women being appointed as legislators, senior officials and managers.

The WEF said that globally, women registered setbacks in the three areas of education, health and political representation this year, and despite a small narrowing in the gap in the in the area of economic opportunity, the global wage gap stands today at 51 per cent, noting that this gap is expected to take 202 years to close.

In his preface to the report, the founder and executive chairman of WEF, Klaus Schwab, said however that it was critical that men and women participate on an equal footing in the current process of deep societal and economic transformation.

Iceland, for the tenth year in a row, held the top spot across all indicators that measured gender equality including social, economic and health, according to the WEF report. It also studied the phenomenon of "missing women" in countries, including the Philippines, where families prefer to have sons over daughters. "In terms of political empowerment, the progress achieved over the past decade has started to reverse". Icelandic women are paid on average 82% of what men are paid for the same work, which is a better score than any other country in the world. Estimated earned income for women is $53,362 compared to $76,283 for men. The country, which placed 10th overall in 2017, made the considerable leap due to its "strong efforts to close the gender gap in political empowerment".

Iceland topped the rankings for the 10th straight year, followed by Norway, Sweden and Finland.

Given the depth of the talent gender gap in AI, there is a clear need for proactive measures to prevent a deepening of the gender gap in other industries where AI skills are in increasing demand.

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