Former NASA Engineer Pranks Mail Thieves With Glitter Bombs

Package thief caught out by glitter bomb

Package thief caught out by glitter bomb

Rober reported this to the police, but even with the video evidence, the police department said that this wasn't something worth spending time to investigate.

After checking out the security cameras at his home, he found out that indeed a couple had walked by one afternoon and just stolen the package mid-day.

YouTuber and engineer Mark Rober got fed up with having his packages stolen so he built what might be the world's most sophisticated glitter bomb into a fake Apple HomePod box.

The former NASA engineer and YouTube personality is truly serving it up. That's when Rober took matters into his own hands - literally. The glitter starts flying around the 4:00 minute mark of the video. A Global Positioning System tracker in the phones would let him know where a package ultimately ended up. To top it off, the fart spray is programmed to emit gross odors five times, which prompts package thieves to immediately toss it. But there's more! The package also includes. a Global Positioning System tracker and four hidden cameras.

The fun begins once the package is opened - a motorized tub blasts glitter in every direction and fart spray is released every 30 seconds to convince the thieves to throw the package away.

Meanwhile, when the box's lid was lifted, it would set off a can of "fart spray" and a centrifugal motor attached to a cup of glitter, prompting comical responses from the thieves.

He created a device that looks like a package, but actually records thieves in the act.

Rober's viral YouTube video, posted Monday, covers the development of his clever boxes of whoop-ass, but the best part is watching them detonate on real suspects.

"So the moral of the story is, just don't take other people's stuff", he said.

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