How to Play Music from Apple Music on Amazon Echo with Alexa

Check out Amazon's Echo Wall Clock a $30 companion for the company's smart speakers

Check out Amazon's Echo Wall Clock a $30 companion for the company's smart speakers

'We're excited to announce that Apple Music will be available on Echo devices beginning the week of December 17.

'Just ask Alexa to play Beats 1 to hear Apple Music's global livestream including in-depth artist interviews- all completely ad-free, ' Limp said. The new support is rolling out to the Alexa mobile apps, giving users the option of enabling Apple Music as a music service.

The rollout has started in the U.S. through the Alexa app on Android and iOS.

You can snag one of the wall clocks from Amazon for $29.99.

Overall, Apple Music's integration with the Amazon Echo is about what you would expect. To use the clock, you need to say "Alexa, set up my Echo Wall Clock".

Amazon has released a rather peculiar product that's part of its Alexa line. The next menu shows available music streaming services and Apple Music is now listed among them. I tried playing an unreleased Logic song this way and was unable to do so.

If you happen to connect your Alexa Guard with the lighting present in your house, the device can turn the lights on its own when it senses that someone has entered the place. To ensure better security, the security systems can themselves upgrade their Alexa skills by using the Security Panel Controller API that is useful for the customers in the long run. Or perhaps Amazon simply wants to expand its smart home portfolio, and a wall clock that can communicate with Echo might be the next logical step in that direction.

Until then, if you do have one of Amazon's Echo devices, you can use the Alexa app to set up Apple Music. You can link up your account of these music streaming services, and can set it as the default music library through the Alexa app.

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