CS:GO now Free-to-Play, adds Danger Zone battle royale mode

CS:GO now Free-to-Play, adds Danger Zone battle royale mode

CS:GO now Free-to-Play, adds Danger Zone battle royale mode

Valve has finally chose to join the Battle Royale hype train, as it has made a decision to take the plunge following the likes of Fortnite, PUBG, H1Z1 and more recently Call of Duty Black Ops 4 to introduce the last man standing and victor takes all game mode.

Danger Zone's formula is pretty straight-forward - there's one map, Blacksite, where 16-18 players trek along, finding loot boxes, weapon caches and currency.

All weapons will act the same and exact the same amount of damage as they do in typical CS:GO game modes, but fights will play out differently with players having 120HP in "Danger Zone", according to the developers. Valve didn't seem to think so - because alongside the new game mode, they converted CS:GO to a free-to-play game, too.

By playing the game you will earn XP. Whether that's your preferred style or not, the entire game is now F2P with in-game purchases supporting its economy, while existing players will immediately see their accounts updated to Prime Status. The update also introduced important changes to the CS:GO landscape. Explore your environment and complete special missions to out-earn your rivals.

The tablet can also track the movements of other players and their drone deliveries, allowing you to strategically use this information to your advantage. As in other battle royale titles, players will need to navigate around a constantly shrinking zone. Players are able to get intel via their tablets, choose their entry point into the match, find supplies on the ground, and retrieve airdrops with additional gear. You can still buy the game and get the Prime status if you so desire. Unlike other battle royale modes, weapons mostly aren't found lying around.

It's early to say the same will happen to Danger Zone, and of course it could also make CS:GO more popular on Twitch as days go by. We aren't sure yet if this will be other players on the map or how it will work out, but it is one extra mini-game within the game. Valve mitigates this somewhat by putting "Prime" players into their own segregated multiplayer hopper, meaning most longtime fans will be unaffected by the free-to-play move, but it's still going to affect the game's community.

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