Amber Guyger Indicted On Murder Charge In Botham Jean Slaying

Amber Guyger Indicted On Murder Charge In Botham Jean Slaying

Amber Guyger Indicted On Murder Charge In Botham Jean Slaying

Amber Guyger, the Dallas police officer who was sacked earlier this year following the fatal shooting of her black neighbor inside his apartment, was indicted by a grand jury Friday on a murder charge, according to court records.

Guyger "inflicted tremendous evil on my son", Allison Jean said.

Botham Jean leading worship in Dallas previous year. "He didn't deserve that".

A Dallas County grand jury delivered the indictment after considering the evidence against Amber Guyger on Monday and Wednesday.

The district attorney's office made sure its investigative efforts were thorough "so we would know all the pieces of evidence we need to take before the grand jury", Johnson said. Allison, his mother, said her country "has been on alert with the expectation that the grand jury will have returned with an indictment of murder".

District Attorney Faith Johnson told reporters her office "did a thorough job of presenting" the case.

"When you look at the facts of this case, we thought that it was murder all along", Johnson said.

Moving forward, it could be more than a year before Guyger sits in front of a judge and jury.

Amber Guyger Indicted On Murder Charge In Botham Jean Slaying
Amber Guyger Indicted On Murder Charge In Botham Jean Slaying

An attorney for Jean's family accused investigators of slow walking an arrest.

Merritt said at a news conference that two independent witnesses have told him they heard knocking on the door in the hallway before the shooting. "I want to thank the grand jury for their diligent work".

Robert Rogers, an attorney for Guyger, said in a statement in September, "What happened on Sept. 6 was a tragic mistake and words can never express our sorrow for the pain being suffered by those who knew and loved Botham Jean".

Johnson said murder constitutes someone "intentionally and knowingly" committing a crime, whereas manslaughter involves "recklessly doing something". "We are confident that a dispassionate jury in a fair forum will find Amber not guilty". It'll be the decision of a trial jury on whether to hand her the full sentence or not. They would not comment on how she took the news of the indictment. Amber Guyger's lawyer is speaking out and blaming the indictment on politics and vindictive emotion. It was the same day Jean was buried in his native, St. Lucia.

"Every person in the Dallas Police Department continues to feel anguish about this hard and tragic event that occurred on September 6, 2018", Dallas police chief Ulysha Renee Hall said in a statement.

She also added that the department has "developed a framework for policy change" by restructuring the Citizen Review Board, revamping implicit bias training and seeking input from employee advisory and community advisory boards. Amber Guyger, the officer who killed Jean, was sacked by Hall following the shooting.

Guyger was at first placed on administrative leave after shooting Jean but was sacked days later, with the Dallas police chief citing her actions the night of the shooting and afterward.

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