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iPad Pro 11 gets put through scratch, burn and bend testing - news

iPad Pro 11 gets put through scratch, burn and bend testing - news

Essentially the sapphire glass lens cover is no better than covering the lens with the glass used on the front of the iPad.

The YouTube video sees host Zack Nelson perform a series of tests that involves scratching, burning and bending the 11-inch iPad Pro (2018). So if you want to pick up a new Apple MacBook Pro with Touch Bar at this Black Friday price point then we advise you to move fast. As you will see, the anodization is easy to scratch off, and the camera lenses are also easily destroyed.

At the same time we do know that the new tablets are thinner than ever before (just 5.9 mm or 0.23 inches) - by making the devices so slim, Apple may have made them easier to break too. Furthermore, you don't put iPads in jeans pockets as you do with phones, so that type of accidental bending is not likely to occur. Most consumers won't be trying to bend their tablets, and it goes without saying that you should protect it at all costs if you spend the money to add a new iPad Pro to your collection. In the video (embedded below), Nelson starts off by testing the iPad Pro's display for scratch resistance using multiple picks conforming to Mohs hardness scale. You won't want anyone to sit on it, or have it bend while you're lugging it around in a backpack or suitcase. The bigger cutout is found on the right side of the tablet and it's needed to charge the new Apple Pencil wirelessly.

Apple has released a video outlining why it believes that the new iPad Pro can replace customers' traditional computers. The Apple Pencil, by the way, is even less durable than the tablet.

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