Sixteen House Democrats oppose Pelosi, offer no rival

Sixteen House Democrats oppose Pelosi, offer no rival

Sixteen House Democrats oppose Pelosi, offer no rival

On the other, Pelosi's critics say she has become such a weight on the party, starring as the chief villain in Republican attack ads against Democrats, that she needs to step aside and make way for a new generation of leadership. Democrats will have at least 233 seats in the new Congress, meaning Pelosi can afford to lose no more than 16 Democratic votes, assuming no Republicans back her.

All those races have Republican incumbents, but the Democratic challenger is ahead in only one of them.

"When we finally get into the majority I think we have to do all we can to keep these new members here, to support them in whatever campaign promise that they made", Rice told reporters last week.

But it goes on to argue that voters showed they want change in the last election and that should include new Democratic leaders. The Pelosi opponents' theory is, once it's clear she doesn't have the votes, a new leader will emerge. Ben McAdams, who is challenging Utah Republican incumbent Rep. Mia Love, has fallen behind in the vote count of that race, and Anthony Brindisi's challenge to GOP Rep. Claudia Tunney in NY is still too close to call. "I can imagine there are going to be certain fractures that are going to start to form when Nancy Pelosi doesn't do the stuff that they want her to do", Thomas added.

Ironically, Pelosi once said in 2013 that she was done seeking the speakership position again. Pelosi's office has said she will win with Democratic votes, and it seems a stretch to expect Republicans to help elect her speaker - a vote that could open them up to primary challenges in 2020. "We promised to change the status quo, and we intend to deliver on that promise", the Democrats wrote.

One potential rival, Rep. Martha Fudge of OH, did not sign onto the letter.

Cunningham - who narrowly defeated GOP nominee Katie Arrington earlier this month in the race for South Carolina's first congressional district (map) - signed a letter on Monday stating "the time has come for new leadership in our caucus". She's likely to overcome such a threshold, depending on how large the Democratic majority shakes out to be. If that bid is successful, it could kick off a wholesale scramble that could also threaten Clyburn, the current assistant Democratic leader, and Steny Hoyer, D-Md., who is seeking to move from whip to majority leader when Democrats take control in January.

Accordingly, a draft proposal from Democrats on the House Rules Committee proposes an "independent diversity office" tasked with ensuring the House employs a "diverse workforce with qualified candidates that is reflective of our Members and the districts they represent", because "public servants working for the People's House should reflect the faces of America".

"Oh, please", she said. If fifteen Democrats vote against Pelosi on the floor, she wins the gavel by one vote.

Some freshmen appear to be moving in Pelosi's direction.

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