Google Pixel 3 XL Users Now Complaining About Distorted Audio from Speakers

Google Rolls Out Night Sight Tech to Improve Quality of Low-Light Photos

Google Rolls Out Night Sight Tech to Improve Quality of Low-Light Photos

The Mountain View-based search titan Google is the latest company to bait its Black Friday deals, cutting the regular prices of its latest hardware products: the Pixel 3 and 3 XL flagship smartphones and Home Hub smart display. It might take two or three seconds to take a photo in Night Sight mode. If you are into night photography or just want to take some pictures in the dark, such as in a dimly lit restaurant or monuments at night, this feature will make a big difference.

Since Night Sight merges multiple frames, it doesn't work well if the scene you're trying to capture contains obvious movement. Night Sight is using this same technology, so when you use it during the day you still get the noise reduction and resolution improvements. If you go with Google's newest phones, you'll save $200, and if you go last year's Pixel 2 XL, you'll save $400.

KitGuru Says: Other manufacturers do have an equivalent, but none seem to be as intuitive as Night Sight. That might involve finding a friend also looking to upgrade to the Pixel 3 and plotting to share the promotion with them. Whether you want the latest generation Pixel smartphones or the Pixelbook, Google has you covered. "To address this limitation we've added two manual focus buttons to Night Sight on Pixel 3 - the "Near" button focuses at about 4 feet, and the "Far" button focuses at about 12 feet".

Night Sight google camera is incredible.

It's unclear from the reports how quickly Google is rolling out the update, but it appears to have been started and can take several days to complete. Google is changing that with Night Sight, a Pixel-exclusive feature that will absolutely blow your mind. And to prove it, I took all the best smartphone cameras out for a side-by-side nighttime shootout.

So um, Google Night Sight is pretty mind-blowing.

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