Facebook website, app down for users around the world

Facebook logo seen displayed on smart phone

Facebook logo seen displayed on smart phone

Facebook appears to be back after is was down for users worldwide Monday morning. Much to the disappointment and utter dismay of the hundreds of thousands who live their lives vicariously through their online personas.

The "crash" didn't last long though.

There is now no word on when the social media giant will be back online. "Oh no. How will I know what my extended family and people I hate from highschool have opinions on now?!?!?!?!?!"

Visitors to Facebook's desktop website were greeted by the message "Sorry, something went wrong". Some users in NY reported that Facebook is down again after coming back up for about 10 minutes.

The Facebook app, website and Messenger were all affected.

Facebook users had difficulty logging on to the platform in August, when Instagram also also experienced server issues.

We've received multiple reports that Facebook's products aren't working properly. "#FacebookDown", wrote one user. "And but for a brief moment, our brains began growing new cells and families could speak again". Facebook has offered no explanation for the service interruption.

Downdetector.com reported more than 1,200 user complaints over the course of an hour.

It's worth noting that the outage varies from user to user.

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