Day of reckoning approaches in first midterm elections of Trump presidency

President Trump rally

President Trump rally

"I think, like the TV stations have been saying, it's a referendum on the Trump presidency", Alvarez said.

On the other side of the political spectrum, in reliably Republican Brecksville, a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio, 66-year-old retired carpenter Benny, who would not give his last name, called the midterms a "classic battle between good and evil". That means that if they win all the Republican-held districts where they're now favored, they'd need just a small fraction of the pure toss-ups to go their way in order to get to that number.

"The only examples of a Republican President who controlled both the House and the Senate before the midterm elections, but lost control of the House, while maintaining control of the Senate, include only William Taft and Herbert Hoover", Nautilus Investment Research said in a note sent out to clients on Monday.

A number of prominent anti-Trump Democrats also would be poised to assume control of key committees if Republicans lose control of the House. They could also, some have pointed out, introduce legislation to impeach the president.

On Tuesday, US voters will decide between President Donald Trump's take-no-prisoners rhetoric and the Democratic Party's super-charged campaign to end the Republicans' monopoly in Washington and state legislatures across the nation.

Likely House outcome: Democrats take control.

Florida is always an important state in USA elections and this time is no different.

FILE - President Donald Trump acknowledges the crowd at a rally in Chattanooga, Tenn., Nov. 4, 2018. Many news organisations expressed near-certainty that Hillary Clinton would win, but this was not what the numbers themselves showed at the time.

Image copyright AFP/Getty Image caption Voters will cast their ballots across the country on Tuesday What happens on election day? Ballot counting could drag in tight races, leaving some races undecided long after Election Day. It was not an error in polling; it was an error in how the polls were editorialised. However, Trump walked away with the victory against all odds. As editor in chief Nate Silver often puts it, would you get on a plane that had a 29% chance of crashing?

"We can not react to some abstract cybersecurity analysts because we do not know who they are and whether they understand anything about cybersecurity", Dmitry Peskov told reporters.

The surprise, of course, was that Trump won the electoral college, and therefore the presidency. Results from other key states like Texas, Michigan and Pennsylvania will begin to roll in between 8 p.m. and 9 p.m.

Georgia - Many will also be watching the race for governor in the southern state of Georgia.

For example, Ezra Klein, "the former wunderkind at the Washington Post, now a [t] Axios or somewhere, actually said - and I've never seen this".

The campaigns are canvassing neighborhoods and looking for people who still have not voted.

And there is no guarantee the polls are correct. In early voting in Florida, for instance, 40.1 per cent who voted early were registered Republicans, and 40.5 per cent registered Democrats, said media reports.

Democrats saw the election in equally historic terms.

The roadmap for this year's strategy was drawn last year by Virginia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Ralph Northam, who handily defeated Republican Ed Gillespie by emphasizing economic issues while Gillespie stoked fear among voters over immigration and crime - much like Trump at his late-stage campaign events. Bill Nelson versus Republican Rick Scott in Florida - indicates that Democrats do have a small chance of taking the Senate.

As recently as last week, when Trump was accused of sowing division with his response to the synagogue shootings in Pittsburgh and harsh rhetoric on migrants travelling to the United States border from Central America, voters heard little about that from Democrats running for Congress.

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