Florida officials raise Hurricane Michael's death toll to 16

Debris caused by Hurricane Michael is seen in Mexico Beach Florida on Oct 12 2018

Debris caused by Hurricane Michael is seen in Mexico Beach Florida on Oct 12 2018

Lackey, who traveled from Tennessee to Mexico Beach to survey the damage and assist with emergency response, said he hopes the now-viral image of the Sand Palace surviving Michael serves as a reminder to all that stronger codes are only half the battle. Rich Scott is left.

Anthony Weldon, 11, pulls a cart with his family's belongings as they relocate from their uninhabitable damaged home to stay at their landlord's place in the aftermath of Hurricane Michael in Springfield, Fla., Monday, Oct. 15, 2018.

Monday, President Donald Trump visited several areas in Northwest Florida that were damaged by Hurricane Michael. State and local officials were to brief the president at the base.

The AP's tally also includes 10 deaths in Virginia, Georgia and North Carolina. "He's not going into get into the sewage water with other people and start digging".

He also marveled at how massive trees were "just ripped out of the earth". "This is really incredible".

The Associated Press has put the death toll in Florida and beyond at 17 so far.

Numerous houses in Mexico Beach had no roofs.

A water tower lay on its side. The water tower lay on its side and 18-wheelers were scattered in a parking lot like a child's toys. The entire house was built on top of 40-foot-tall pilings to allow for storm surge, and its walls are made of poured concrete reinforced by rebar, with steel cables throughout the structure and extra concrete reinforcing the house's corners. The media followed as Trump flew over the devastated Mexico Beach community, and heavily-damaged Tyndall Air Force Base.

The president boarded Marine One, a helicopter, and headed for Panama City.

Gov. Rick Scott late Sunday mentioned that residents in coastal Bay County were still "waiting" on Verizon while AT&T was working in the county hit hard by Hurricane Michael.

"It's unclear, at this point, whether he will hold any campaign events before the November 6 election, though it is still possible closer to election day", Scott spokesman Chris Hartline told newspapers, including the Tampa Bay Times.

Scott says he's gotten everything he's asked for from the federal government. Some schools in southern Georgia and the Florida Panhandle, where Michael hit the strongest, have closed indefinitely.

Armed looters are targeting homes and businesses that remain without electricity after being ravaged by Hurricane Michael a week ago.

Meanwhile, with power poles and lines down everywhere, power crews were hard at work trying to fix the damage.

Trump and his wife, Melania, were headed out on an aerial tour of affected areas.

Later Monday afternoon, Trump and Melania visited a Red Cross center and spoke with state and local officials in Warner Robins, Georgia. "Worst hit in 50 years!" the president tweeted.

Telecom regulators have repeatedly pressed for the companies to act quickly to restore cell service in the wake of the storm, which left hundreds of thousands without power in the region and killed more than a dozen people. We can not guarantee that it is suitable for the visually or hearing impaired.

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