Betting suspended on The Everest until barrier draw revealed

The Chaser Projected Alan Jones' Phone Number Onto The Opera House

The Chaser Projected Alan Jones' Phone Number Onto The Opera House

Racing NSW has cancelled a live barrier draw for its multi-million dollar race The Everest, citing security risks amid ongoing public outrage at plans to project the results onto the Sydney Opera House.

Racing NSW says bets have been suspended "to avoid any perceived integrity risk", with waging operators to be informed later this evening when they can recommence betting on the annual racing event.

The barrier draw was today held in confidence by Racing NSW stewards with the results kept private until they were beamed onto the Opera House sails.

Jones had called for Ms Herron to be sacked during a testy confrontation on Friday after she ruled out allowing words or branding highlighting The Everest race to be projected onto the Opera House because "it's not a billboard".

At 7.40pm when the sails were first lit up, protesters lining the grounds around the building also began shining torches aimed towards the projection.

An online petition against the event, now signed by over 290,000 people, was delivered to State Parliament on Tuesday morning but the petition's organiser, Mike Woodcock, said Premier Gladys Berejiklian did not accept it. He cut her off immediately as she attempted to explain the heritage listing of the Opera House and then said he would be calling the Premier.

In another letter sent to Greens MP David Shoebridge, Mr Davies said he was unable to issue a Stop Work Order because the planned projections by Racing NSW did not meet the legal definition of "harm" as there was no physical damage being done to the site. Jones' response to Herron arguing the Opera House is "not a billboard" was: "Who said?"

The effect of the protesters' lights was varied. "Call Alan" onto the famous building.

"I seriously doubt Alan would go to the trouble of getting in touch but you never know".

The apology came hours after The Chaser had taken matters into their own hands, with a stunt that saw them project what was "apparently" Jones' real phone number onto a number of Sydney landmarks including the Opera House.

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