Dancing May upbeat about Brexit deal

The old slogans have proved a hit with Young Conservatives

The old slogans have proved a hit with Young Conservatives

"I would much prefer her to move away from Chequers and avoid a leadership challenge than keep pushing and pushing which could drive some MPs to push themselves for a leadership battle".

He said she was doing an excellent job in what was a near-impossible task.

"If we all go off in different directions in pursuit of our own vision of the ideal Brexit, we risk ending up with no Brexit at all", she said, a rebuff to eurosceptic lawmakers who have published their alternatives plan for leaving the EU.

The Conservative Party crowd roared and cheered.

Namechecking Margaret Thatcher, the prime minister from 1979 to 1990 who remains a hero to many in the party, he called on the party to build more houses and, while courting business, he struck out at bankers over the 2008 financial crisis.

May has had a tough year since a disastrous 2017 conference speech, when she was plagued by a cough and interrupted by a prankster while parts of the backdrop fell down as she was speaking.

She argues that her plan is the only way to avoid customs checks along the now invisible border between the U.K.'s Northern Ireland and European Union member Ireland - a development that would be troublesome for residents and businesses on both sides, and could undermine Northern Ireland's peace process. What we are proposing is very challenging for the EU.

In a message to voters tired of belt-tightening, the PM said: "Because you made sacrifices, there are better days ahead".

She has to show that she has made substantial progress by the tie a crunch European Union summit is held in just a fortnight's time. We need a strong leader, someone who believes in Brexit and someone to deliver what the electorate voted for.

She added: "What has befallen Labour is a national tragedy". If we all go off in our different directions...we risk ending up with no Brexit at all.' But was it enough to bind all the flailing, angry limbs of our political ecosystem?

Mrs May waited to talk about Brexit until she was nearly half-an-hour into her speech. Regardless what happens on March 29, 2019, it is certain the prime minister will be blamed for it (there is likely to be little to take "credit" for).

Johnson was a leading campaigner for Brexit in the referendum.

Home Secretary Sajid Javid announced a 2% pay rise for officers despite a recommendation of 3% by the independent Police Remuneration Review Body for 2018 to 2019.

Mrs May even made a reference to comments made in June by the then Foreign Secretary, who was reported to have said "f*** business when discussing Brexit at a gathering of diplomats".

Many commentators have described Mr Joihnson's wide-ranging speech as a blatant pitch for the Conservative leadership. It is of Anglo-Saxon derivation.

However, rather than accept responsibility for the Home Office blunder which saw thousands of the Windrush Generation, who helped rebuild Postwar Britain facing deportation, May referenced the disaster to rouse support for Shaun Bailey, the Conservative pick for the 2020 London mayoral elections: 'If your parents come to the United Kingdom as part of the Windrush Generation, you could become the next London mayor.' The camera quickly tried to find Bailey, who was sitting a few rows back from the party's big names and cabinet members. It ends in the letter "K".

"All it does is artificially boost the ability of companies to go on a borrowing spree to buy back their own shares and... reporting never-ending rising profits at the same time of never-rising wages is feeding the core of why many normal human beings are pretty cheesed off with life".

Unions representing more than 200,000 civil servants have also launched court action over pay guidance denying them a wage rise of more than 1%-1.5% without specific approval from the Cabinet Office or the Treasury.

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