Trump heading here to renew historic ties and see his golf club

Trump: FBI must start doing its job right or 'I'll get involved'

Trump: FBI must start doing its job right or 'I'll get involved'

Mr Trump came under criticism on Monday for too hastily raising the White House flag from half-mast after Mr McCain's death.

"Did it surprise you?"

Sanders, aides said, had more than one conversation with Trump this week about paying respects to McCain.‬.

Trump and McCain clashed in recent years, with the clearest, earliest public example coming during the presidential campaign in 2015 when Trump said McCain, who was held captive in Hanoi during the Vietnam War for five years, was "not a war hero", adding, "I like people that weren't captured".

"It [likely] had less to do with policy, and more to do with how you conduct yourself", Ridge said.

Sanders reportedly stared at him as he refused to answer whether he thought McCain would have been a better president than Barack Obama, who defeated McCain in the 2008 election.

McCain asked Obama, a Democrat, and George W. Bush, a Republican, to speak at his memorial service and they gave personal testimony that overcoming rivalries and partisan politics was not only possible but good for the country.

Washington said it wanted UNRWA to reform and believed other countries should increase the amounts they contributed to the agency.

The announcement has proved overwhelmingly unpopular on social media, with many criticising Mr Trump's policies.

Trump also insisted in the interview that he properly honored McCain after the longtime senator and Vietnam War veteran died from brain cancer.

"The President's participation in this event will highlight the sacrifices that Americans have made, not only during World War I but also in the century since, in the name of liberty", Sanders said in a statement.

U.S. President Donald Trump has stepped up his attacks on law enforcement agencies, warning that he may have to "get involved" in decisions amid "disgraceful" investigations being carried out by the Justice Department and FBI. With memorial services in Arizona and Washington, and a funeral service set for Saturday at the Naval Academy, it seemed like this was a week where Donald Trump might take a backseat - and rightly so.

The Star said of the remarks that the news organization was not bound by Bloomberg's agreement to keep the comments off the record, and had not agreed to such terms.

McCain had long urged the Senate and the polarized nation to recognize the humanity even in bitter political opponents.

On Friday afternoon, McCain's wife, Cindy, visited her husband's desk on the Senate floor with McCain's friend, South Carolina Sen. "We never doubted that we were on the same team". Then a brief ceremony celebrating McCain's life will begin.

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