Ron DeSantis says vote for black opponent would 'monkey this up'

Arizona Senate primary run in Trump's shadow | Nation

Arizona Senate primary run in Trump's shadow | Nation

President Donald Trump tweeted his support for DeSantis on Monday. "But I think he should also apologize because obviously a lot of Floridians and probably a lot of Americans are offended by it given the circumstances", Curbelo said. "We need a governor capable of taming his tongue", Willis said.

Ms. Abrams and Mr.

The Facebook Group had previously been reported on by Media Matters in June when it was revealed that far-right Republican Senate candidate Kelli Ward (who lost her primary in Arizona) was an administrator, too. Stitt criticized his opponent as insufficiently supportive of Trump. "I think for Florida to move in that direction, we would have to do it as a confederation of states". "It's going to be really ugly before it's over".

Florida's marquee governor's race has heated up with the Trump-backed Republican candidate saying the state should not "monkey this up" by electing his opponent, Democrat Andrew Gillum, who is African-American, in November.

Their message comes a day after DeSantis' controversial words were used to discuss Gillum's policies during a live television interview on Fox News. We will not tolerate the racial slurs, pejorative undertones, and vile innuendos to cast aspersions on the campaign of the first African American candidate to win the Democratic nomination for Governor in the state of Florida.

Abrams, Gillum, and Jealous represent the more liberal wing of the Democratic Party, with backing from Sen. In the waning weeks, progressive senator Bernie Sanders endorsed Gillum.

He has claimed Gillum, who was an early backer and later a delegate of Hillary Clinton in 2016, will lead Florida down a path toward socialism. Gillum is mayor of the city of Tallahassee and Trump said Gillum has "allowed crime and many other problems to flourish in the city".

Abrams, a former minority leader in the George House, faces Brian Kemp, Georgia's secretary of state. Still, he never climbed higher than third in most polls, trailing former Congresswoman Gwen Graham and former Miami Beach mayor Philip Levine throughout the race.

The Republican Governors Association plans to target all three Democrats for supporting expensive social welfare programs, spokesman Jon Thompson said. "To characterise it as anything else is absurd".

"He is an articulate spokesman for those far-left views".

Now, in an exclusive interview, Gillum is calling on the Federal Bureau of Investigation to tell voters what they know. State governors will play a key role in legislative reapportionments that emerge from the 2020 census. Florida's registered Republicans are 83 percent white.

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He also said he has no intention of attacking DeSantis personally.

This article was reported by The Associated Press, with contributions from Brian Witte.

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