Leak detected on International Space Station

A NASA spokesman said it was premature to speculate on whether the three might have to return to earth early if the leak, even as small as it is, can not be stopped.

The leak was detected Wednesday night - possibly from a micrometeorite strike - resulting in a small loss of cabin pressure.

Officials say the leak was discovered around 6 p.m. CST.

An air leak on the International Space Station has been localized to a Russian Soyuz spacecraft like this one.

The leak was slow and posed no danger to people on board, according to NASA, with mission control deciding that crew members could sleep before locating it.

The leaking Soyuz - one of two up there - arrived at the orbiting lab in June with three astronauts.

Mission control in Houston and Russian Federation had differing opinions about fixing the leak. Additional updates will be posted on NASA's International Space Station blog as more information becomes available, NASA spokesperson Dan Huot told Space.com in an email.

"When the crew was awakened at its normal hour this morning, flight controllers at Mission Control in Houston and at the Russian Mission Control Center outside Moscow began working procedures to try to determine the location of the leak". And last month, Russian cosmonaut Oleg Artemyev took the internet on a tour through the ISS, showing just how snug the station really is.

The space station cabin pressure was holding steady after the fix was made.

Controllers at NASA said their readings also showed that the pressure had stabilized, and they continued to monitor the situation.

A cause for the breach was not given but this is not the first time the ISS has suffered a leak.

"The crew safety is not in danger", he said. Watch the full interview below.

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