Cardinals' Larry Fitzgerald Speaks At Sen. John McCain's Memorial Service

Rather than help pass an ambitious climate plan under Barack Obama John Mc Cain took his ball and went home

Rather than help pass an ambitious climate plan under Barack Obama John Mc Cain took his ball and went home

Biden delivered an emotional eulogy at North Phoenix Baptist Church, speaking of McCain's heroism, dedication to his country, and love of his family.

Biden's speech, however, stood out.

No speakers uttered Donald Trump's name, but Biden was not the only one to make what some saw as a veiled reference to the president.

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The late Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., will be laid to rest this week after a series of memorials and ceremonies in Arizona and Washington, D.C.

Family, former colleagues and other dignitaries filed past the flag-draped casket of Senator John McCain inside the Arizona Capitol on Wednesday for the first of several memorial tributes planned for the war hero and two-time Republican presidential candidate. "I was honored to be a United States senator", Biden said.

Biden then told an anecdote about how both and he and McCain were reprimanded by party leaders in 1996 for their seating arrangements.

"And you know what", Woods continued, "he believed in the Declaration of Independence, when we proclaimed to the world that every single human being is important, every single human being is precious, every single person in this world has the right to live free". "I swear to God".

"John McCain believed in America", Kyl said.

It's unclear who actually made the name change. "That's when it changed". I promise you that a time will come...a smile will come to you before a tear to your eye. "Well, I thought of a few", Fitzgertald said in front of the huge crowd at North Phoenix Baptist Church on Thursday.

Addressing an estimated 3,500 mourners, former Vice President Joe Biden recalled "the sheer joy that crossed his face when he knew he was about to take the stage of the senate floor and start a fight".

But Biden also proclaimed that "McCain's impact on America is not over", and left the audience with another prediction: "To paraphrase Shakespeare, we shall not see his like again". Drawing on the tragedies suffered in his own life - the deaths of his first wife and daughter in a auto accident in 1972, and his son Beau from cancer in 2015 - Biden offered consolation to McCain's family, calling his absence "all-consuming". It's brutal. It's relentless.

Biden has suffered his own share of grief.

Kassandra Morales, 44, stood in line with her sons, 8 and 2.

"What's going to happen is, six months will go by, and everybody's going to think, well, it's passed. When you challenge their motive, it's impossible to get to go".

"I'd name the Capitol after the old guy if I could", joked Republican Sen.

'It wasn't about politics.

Senator John McCain was remembered as a "true American hero" - and a awful driver with a wicked sense of humour and love of a good fight - at a crowded church service for the maverick politician that ended with the playing of Frank Sinatra's My Way. "Knowing that this project is bigger than yourself".

One day, though, Biden said, McCain and Biden were each approached separately by leaders of their respective caucuses, who told them to stop sitting with each other because "it didn't look good". "The intolerance for the abuse of power", Biden added.

Biden and McCain used to sit next to each other during long debates in the 1980s and '90s.

Graham, who had tried unsuccessfully to serve as a bridge between Trump and McCain, will read a scripture at Washington National Cathedral that would hard to imagine the president ever reading. He led the fight after the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks to block the use of certain "enhanced interrogation" techniques approved by the Bush administration such as water boarding, in which a person is exposed to simulated drowning.

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