Suspected asylum seekers on run in Qld

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An asylum-seeker boat has reached Australia for the first time in nearly four years, the government said Monday, with many of those on board the Vietnamese vessel fleeing into a crocodile-infested mangrove rainforest after running aground near the coast.

ELEVEN people have reportedly been detained after an illegal fishing boat - believed to be packed with asylum seekers - ran aground north of Cairns.

It could not confirm how many others may have been on the boat.

The boat starting taking on water near the mouth of the Daintree River near Cape Kimberley on Sunday afternoon.

A boat filled with asylum seekers has run aground in crocodile-infested waters in Australia.

Queensland authorities are continuing to hunt for a group of people who deserted their boat and swam to shore in the state's far north.

"We will work with the agencies to make sure we can repatriate these people back to their country of origin, once we understand the facts of the matter".

Local Mayor Julia Leu told ABC there was concern that people were "putting themselves at risk in known crocodile habitat".

"The unknown thing is did they actually end up going through the mangroves".

Asylum seekers, believed to be brothers from Vietnam, rescued from mangroves in the Daintree River by fishermen Barry Preston and Justin Ward.

"This boat arrival falls squarely on the toes of PM Scott Morrison", he tweeted."Unlike the chaos and division interior the government that has put the safety of Australia's borders in bother, Labor is a united team."One Nation chief Pauline Hanson has speedy these on the boat might maybe maybe even have headed for Australia on story of ultimate week's management disaster".

"Because the eye was off the ball last week, and the news would have happened that Malcolm Turnbull was no longer prime minister, that these people would have got on a boat to come across to Australia", she told the Seven Network on Monday.

Under its tough immigration policy, asylum seekers who try to get to Australia by boat are either turned back or sent to remote Pacific camps where conditions have been criticised.

Even if found to be refugees, they will never be offered resettlement in Australia - a controversial policy created to deter future arrivals.

MP George Christensen has since taken to social media to call for better border protection. Queensland Police Minister Mark Ryan told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation 15 people had been detained so far.

If true, the boat is believed to be the first asylum seeker vessel to reach the Australian mainland in four years.

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