Elon Musk revives 'pedo' controversy in Twitter spat

Elon Musk

Elon Musk

That's according to a letter dated August 6 from Unsworth's attorney sent to CNBC.

In his tweets published on Tuesday, Musk appeared to suggest it was suspicious that he had not yet been sued and again called for his claim to be investigated. However, earlier this week, Musk appeared to double-down on his pedophilia themed attacks, tweeting, "You don't think it's odd [Unsworth] hasn't sued me?"

Then Drew Olanoff, a former TechCrunch writer, piped in to ask about the time Musk accused British diver Vern Unsworth, who helped rescue a Thai soccer team from a cave, of being a pedophile.

In it, Wood says he is "in the process of preparing a civil complaint for libel" against Musk on Unsworth's behalf. "He called on Musk's legal counsel to contact him in order to avoid litigation and to correct the allegedly false statements".

Tesla CEO Elon Musk, already facing an SEC investigation that started when he tweeted about taking his company private, has continued to tweet - despite being asked by his board not to.

Musk told Olanoff that he found it odd that Unsworth has not sued him, adding that Unsworth was even offered "free legal services".

A Tesla employee who was sacked from a Nevada battery factory filed a whistleblower complaint with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, accusing the electric-car maker of spying on its workers and turning a blind eye to drug trafficking by the Mexican cartel.

Musk apologized for the earlier tweets and eventually took them down, but his Tuesday tweets are still up. Musk has since apologised for making the baseless claim, adding that he had said it out of anger.

Musk posted the tweet in response to an article about the removal of accounts responsible for coordinated manipulation on Twitter, praising the micro-blogging platform's actions.

Musk is known for being unusually candid on Twitter compared to other CEOs, but he has become increasingly combative on the site this year, lashing out at critics and reporters and spurring questions about his judgment when using the site.

Reports that emerged after the tweet and a statement from Musk suggested that, at the time of the tweet, he did not have legally binding agreements in place that would provide enough funding to convert Tesla into a private company.

But Musk's decision to continue to respond to critics on Twitter indicates he won't change easily, said Charles Elson, a University of DE finance professor who specializes in corporate governance.

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