Louis C.K. Makes Surprise Stand-Up Return Following Misconduct Scandal

Louis C.K

Louis C.K

Louis C.K. made an appearance on stage around 11 pm.

In November, five women came forward with allegations of sexual harassment and abuse against the comedian.

He appeared at around 11pm and dressed in a black V-neck shit and gray trousers, performed a set of 'typical Louis C.K stuff, ' including racism, tipping waitresses and parades, Noam Dworman, the owner of the Comedy Cellar, told the Times.

Dworman, who did not watch the show himself, said that he was told C.K.

Comedian Louis C.K. reportedly performed his first comedy set since he admitted to accusations of sexual misconduct made against him made by multiple women past year.

Louis C.K. attends Tribeca TV Festival's sneak peek of Better Things at Cinepolis Chelsea on September 22, 2017 in New York City. However, after the report emerged, he issued a statement admitting to sexual misconduct. "I don't think anyone's come after the theaters and stages that allow Mike Tyson to tour the country with his show, and Bill Clinton still goes to parties".

Telfer went on to explain in analogy-free language: "If you repeatedly undermine other people's careers so you can trap these human beings and force them to witness you masturbate, then you don't get that career anymore". The crowd felt similarly: the audience reportedly gave Louis C.K. a huge round of applause before he even began his set, and they laughed warmly at all of his jokes.

"I'm hoping that he'll talk about it with me so it can be done in a way that people feel it's not dismissive of the seriousness of what he's accused of", Dworman said.

Dworman was surprised that C.K. returned so soon, and in such a setting, and that he didn't address the controversy at all. New York-based comedian Sarah Lazarus wrote on Twitter "I'm still on the same shampoo bottle as when louis ck's time out started". "And I care about doing the right thing", Dworman told the paper. Another added, "many good, well-employed comedians regularly perform at the Comedy Cellar. they all have the power to make it clear that Louis CK's return is not acceptable".

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