London Gatwick passengers need to check whiteboards after IT glitch

Whiteboards used as Gatwick flight info screens fail

Whiteboards used as Gatwick flight info screens fail

Gatwick Airport had to post flight information on white boards on Monday after its ts digital screens failed due to an IT glitch.

Gatwick says the electronic boards were displaying incorrect information because of a damaged fibre-optic cable.

London Gatwick Airport has descended into chaos after flight information screens suddenly stopped working.

So staff have been forced to physically write on board while people crowd round hoping to find out which gate they're supposed to hanging around if they want to get to get to Spain on time.

Footage on social media showed staff writing out the flight status of each flight and rubbing them off as updates came in.

Passengers clustered around the whiteboard
Passengers clustered around the whiteboard at Gatwick

The problems have been going on for at least three hours at one of the UK's busiest airports.

Of course savvy travellers won't be too concerned as these days there are a myriad of different applications that can be used to pull flight information down from the online world. "Our engineers are working hard to fix the cable as quickly as possible", a Vodafone spokesperson said in a statement.

Ollie Hurley, who said he was flying to Budapest, added: "We are having to check our flight departure time on a whiteboard?" "This is a top priority for us and we are very sorry for any problems caused by this issue".

'We expect Vodafone to resolve the issue soon and would like to apologise to passengers for any inconvenience'.

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