Gmail's self-destructing emails are now coming to phone apps

Gmail Brings Confidential Emails to Mobile

Gmail Brings Confidential Emails to Mobile

Still, it's always nice to see more security features for popular apps like Gmail. The feature was initially announced during Google's I/O developer conference earlier this year but had remained mostly out of the news in the meantime. If you're using Gmail with a work or school account, contact your admin to make sure you can use confidential mode.

Gmail's confidential mode is an interesting feature for email that provides low-level protection for your messages. At any point, you can once again renew access if you want. The update also witnessed another magical addition called confidential mode. SMS passcode is another option for email access, wherein the recipients will receive a passcode via a text message. You can set a password for your attachments so only those with the password can view the email.

This feature has been available with the desktop users since the previous year.

If you think you need to update the app for this new tool, then don't worry.

Open the sent confidential email.

On the top right, tap on three dots and tap on Confidential Mode. As such, they'll be thoroughly pleased with what Confidential Mode has to offer.

It is worth noting once an email is sent any self-destruct date that was chosen can not be altered. But those who use another email service will still have to use a passcode to access the info.

Instructions on how to send and open confidential emails have been listed on Google's support page. "This feature isn't available for G Suite customers at this time".

Confidential mode could help prevent information leaks, but Google has a few caveats.

With the new add-on installed, users can add a file to an email message by directly linking to a folder or a file stored in Dropbox. Ensure you enter the recipients phone number not of your own. You will see an option to remove access, just tap on that, and the recipient will no longer be able to access the file.

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