Trump 2020 to sell 'Space Force' merch

Susan Walsh  AP

Susan Walsh AP

The email read, "President Trump wants a SPACE FORCE - a groundbreaking endeavour for the future of America and the final frontier", read the e-mail from Brad Parcale according to screenshots.

"This report is a step in a multi-year process that we think will result in a safer, stronger America", they said.

Never underestimate the power of the president.

This force was created in part to quickly respond to outer-space attacks from adversaries.

US Vice President Mike Pence has laid out an ambitious plan that would begin creating a military command dedicated to space and establish a "Space Force" as the sixth branch of the US military as soon as 2020, the first since the Air Force was formed shortly after World War II.

"Just as we've done in ages past, the United States will meet the merging threats on this new battlefield", he said in a speech at the Pentagon. It will pull people from across other areas of the military to "provide space expertise in times of crisis".

The email came hours after Mr Pence gave a speech at the Pentagon, where he argued that the United States must invest in creating a new force in order to counter Russian and Chinese operations.

Trump likes to win and what he's witnessed in recent years has obviously upset him.

Foster conducive domestic and global environments for space development. Willard exclaimed. "We're building a space wall and those filthy Neptunians are gonna pay for it!" While this does allow a variety of conventional weapons in space, practical considerations should limit things like anti-satellite weapons, which have the potential to create debris fields that limit access to space by all nations.

This might require legislative support because Congress sets a limit on the number of assistant secretaries of defense.

The idea of a Space Force was first brought before Congress in 2017, said ABC. Rather, she says, the billions of dollars could be better spent in so many other areas.

But he, too, isn't convinced that a Space Force is the answer.

This fourth addition could be what most differentiates the Space Force from the AFSPC.

David Cicilline, who sits in the House of Representatives, asked if "no Republican" would tell the president "what a dumb idea Space Force is".

Then Kimmel introduced a new conspiracy theory: "I must say, I respect Trump for taking this joke as far as he has".

Why do we need it?

"It doesn't seem to make sense to me". Those funds, Schatz believes, could be sourced elsewhere. And today, Space Force got a boost from Vice President Mike Pence.

"The only person you hear promoting this is the President, so it'd be nice to get a little more of a buy-in from the experts and it doesn't seem like we have that", he added.

Some members of Congress, especially those in the House of Representatives, appear warm to the idea.

Pence said the administration is keen on "accountability" and will create a single civilian position reporting to the secretary of defense to oversee the growth and expansion of the new branch.

"What was once peaceful and uncontested is now crowded and adversarial, today other nations are seeking to disrupt our space based systems and challenge American supremacy in space", Pence said.

The 59-year-old US Vice President claimed a space force was required to ensure America's "dominance" in space, amid growing antagonism and threats from China and Russian Federation. "And so we will".

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