Fortnite for Android goes "off market"

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is shown in this

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is shown in this

Well, Samsung has heard some of the cries and introduced a larger, 4,000 mAh battery, approximately 10 percent bigger than the battery on last year's Galaxy Note 8. Not only does that include an exclusive Fortnite skin for Samsung users, but it also includes exclusive early access to the Android beta for users of certain Samsung Galaxy handsets. Now, if you're wondering about the Galaxy Note 9's pricing, pre-order and availability details then we've got just the post for you.

SAMSUNG HAS SURPRISED no one with the unveiling of the Galaxy Note 9, which is exactly what you were expecting it to be.

You can find more on the Note 9, right here. No photo editing necessary.

Oh, the Note 9 also has a microSD card slot for further expansion, not to mention a 3.5mm headphone jack. After the picture is taken, a notification identifies the problem, so you can snap it again. With the Galaxy Note9, all you'll need is a compatible USB-C to HDMI adapter and you can continue to use your phone while you're presenting a video or PowerPoint slide on the big screen. Longer battery often ranks high up on consumers'wish lists.

The phablet - a cross between a smartphone and a tablet - would also be able to cool down quickly during game sessions that typically heat up phones a lot. The subsequent recall cost the company over $5 billion. The Note 9's camera upgrade is on par with the one given to the S9 in March, adding enhanced colors and exposure.

Thinking about the Galaxy Note 9 as a computer becomes particularly interesting when you consider the absolute mainstream user.

Standalone LTE connectivity without phone. With one click of a button on the side of the stylus, you can, for example, snap selfies without having to contort your fingers to reach the control on the phone's screen.

Of course, the power user is going to want full keyboard and mouse support, and as mentioned Samsung DeX offers that over Bluetooth connection. It's only available in Blue, from the looks of things. Purists can turn the feature off to get images that reflect what the eye sees - an option unavailable with Pixel.

"[The Note 9] will stand out in a sea of black phones out there", said Suzanne De Silva, Samsung director of product strategy and marketing, ahead of the launch. Entry level price is $999 (6GB RAM / 128GB storage) rising to $1,250 for the model with 8GB RAM and 512GB of storage.

All-in-all on paper and from Raymond Wong's hands-on with the Note 9, it seems to be a solid device.

"It's a little bit underwhelming", he said.

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