Trump reinstates Iran sanctions, slams 'horrible' nuclear deal

Trump administration reimposes sanctions on Iran

Trump administration reimposes sanctions on Iran

Individuals or entities that fail to wind down activities with Iran risk severe consequences.

Pompeo also said the U.S. has long designated Iran as the world's foremost state sponsor of terrorism and said it can not expect to be treated as an equal in the worldwide community.

After months of fierce rhetoric, Trump surprised observers last week when he offered to meet with Rouhani without preconditions.

Under that deal, nuclear-related Western sanctions on Iran were lifted.

"If you stab someone with a knife and then you say you want talks, then the first thing you have to do is remove the knife", Rouhani said in a speech broadcast live on state television. But he said Iran must change its ways. "I don't have pre-conditions".

Rouhani fell back on the rhetoric of many of his predecessors by referencing the 1953 CIA-backed coup that overthrew Iran's elected prime minister and cemented the shah's rule.

"We are happy to talk if there's an arrangement that is appropriate, that could lead to a good outcome", he said.

He said Iran is the world's foremost sponsor of terrorism, and that Mr. Trump is intent on getting them to "behave like a normal country". "And this is against the nation of Iran and the national interests of Iran".

The sanctions that had been lifted are returning after President Donald Trump pulled the United States out of the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran and five other nations.

By exiting the JCPOA, the USA is able to protect its national security by applying maximum economic pressure on the Iranian regime, he said, adding that so far his administration has issued 17 rounds of Iran-related sanctions, designating 145 companies and individuals. Administration officials say Iran has used funds freed up by the pact to sow instability across the Mideast.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif slapped back at Trump in a Monday tweet declaring that United States "hypocrisy knows no bounds". The reimposition of sanctions on Iran will have major impact on countries like India, with which it has traditional and historic trade relationship. Senior administration officials believe the latest sanctions by the USA will add to the regime's difficulties in governing. "United States hypocrisy knows no bounds". The other signatories to the deal, including the EU, Russia and China, are sticking with the accord.

A joint statement issued on Monday by the foreign ministers of the EU's 28 member states, including the UK's foreign secretary, Jeremy Hunt, said there was a "determination to protect" the bloc's economic interests and the nuclear deal known as the joint comprehensive plan of action (JCPOA), which Brussels, along with China and Russian Federation, continues to support. Third, and probably most importantly, North Korea doesn't have any real export potential, but Iran has lots of oil, and the Europeans need it more than we do.

In his statement, President Trump took a shot at European countries dedicated to allowing business with Iran to continue as part of the nuclear agreement. They have also continued to develop their missile systems, including long-range weapons that put Israel and U.S. interests at risk.

"This will have exponential effect on Iran's already fragile economy".

Pompeo, who was en route to Washington after attending a summit in Singapore, said the White House would detail the sanctions in an announcement scheduled for August 6, although he did not immediately disclose the time.

"We deeply regret the re-imposition of sanctions by the USA, due to the latter's withdrawal from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA)", the statement issued in Brussels said.

While on the campaign trail and after taking office, Trump has panned the Iran deal-officially titled the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA)-as a disaster.

As of 0401 GMT Tuesday, the Iran government can no longer buy U.S. banknotes and broad sanctions will be slapped on Iranian industries, including its rug exports.

Mr Trump believes the economic pressure will force Iran to agree to a new deal and end its "malign" activities.

Sanctions are due to return in two phases on August 7 and November 5 with the first targeting Iran's access to USA banknotes and key industries including cars and carpets.

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